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Alien life, blue volcanoes, and cognition–Check it all out in SIGMA 2.3!

This edition of SIGMA explores everything from sleep and study to love and heartbreaks.

We hope that you all enjoy this edition of SIGMA and share it with your friends. Happy reading!

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Think, Research, Inspire, Discover


We strive to expand and inspire the field of research to all. 

The Research Club provides aspiring student researchers with the resources necessary to transform their classroom knowledge into professional scientific experience. Through weekly lectures, guided experiments, and one-on-one interactions with STEM-inspired upperclassmen, members learn invaluable skills for the science workplace. Research Club members are expected to attend weekly meetings held every Friday and work in groups representing all ages and levels of experience. They are expected to demonstrate originality and creativity by proposing their own potential experiments or research directions based on the newest developments at the frontiers of research.


The Research Club holds brainstorming sessions and offers a collaborative environment so its members can enter their ideas into science competitions like Genes in Space and the Regeneron Science Talent Search. The Research Club strives to both teach its members about working in a laboratory but also give them the space to explore their own scientific curiosities. 

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Join your host Daniel Chang (along with Aruna Vaithilingam and Princeden Hom) in our ninth episode as we discuss geoengineering, its present applications, potential future in fighting against climate change, and more!

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Being A 


Learn more about what being a member entails and its perks.  

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Student Opportunities

Learn about the many opportunities that our members have taken advantage of. 

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Mailing List

Learn how to join Stuyvesant Research Club and receive important information.


Becoming a part of Stuyvesant Research Club

The Stuyvesant Research Club is currently the only club that promotes pursuing scientific research by providing students from all backgrounds the opportunity to be involved in laboratory research. We hope to provide mentoring to aspiring students researchers through lab experiments, engagement with research papers, and many other ventures.


Weekly Lectures

Learn from upperclassmen and scientists about protocol and research and perform hands-on lab procedures.


SIGMA Magazine

Write for Stuyvesant's Research Club Magazine and and analyze scientific papers.


Research Mentoring

Learning about how to think like a researcher by teaching research techniques and methods

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