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Sum of All Knowledge


Blending the interests of STEM and the humanities into one

SIGMA is Stuyvesant's sole science research magazine. The publication melds our members interests within STEM and the humanities. Over the course of the year, SIGMA operates four departments that vary from annotating papers with definitions to deciding essential parts of papers. SIGMA recently formed a new department, Creative Works, that focuses on publishing original content. We also gather papers written by Stuyvesant seniors (and now students across New York City) to include within SIGMA publications with annotations that make the reading experience easier.

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This edition of SIGMA explores everything from mental health to lab techniques.

We hope that you all enjoy this edition of SIGMA and share it with your friends. Happy reading!


Previous Editions and Pieces

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Previous Editions

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from 2016-2023.


Search a library of research papers from Stuyvesant students.

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Check out the individual research papers and articles from 2016-2021.


The Summation of SIGMA


01 | Layouts & Graphics Department

The Layouts Department works closely with the other departments in producing a new, professional, and comprehensive SIGMA publication that mirrors the hard work and dedication of all the students who have submitted their research for publishing. Layouts particularly works with the transferral of research papers to our standard LucidPress platform following their revision and annotation. This is all meant to create an understandable and visually appealing presentation that captures the attention of our scientifically-inclined readers. The Layouts Department takes on an important role in the publishing process and requires cooperation and commitment between all our valued members.


02 | Annotations Department

The Annotations Department makes research papers and other articles more comprehensible to the general public. There are many words, procedures, and graphs included in the papers that most people are unfamiliar with. The Annotations Department’s job is to define terms and summarize parts of the papers so that it is an easier and more interesting read.

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03 | Creative Works Department

The Creative Works Department stands out for being the department responsible for original content production; the members of the Creative Works Department will not only have the opportunity to write and produce individual projects but also engage with other members in small-group and departmental projects. If you are reading this, it is fair to assume that you have an interest in science. With all of this said, a question stands: what do you wish to explore, and are you willing to share what you learn?

04 | Revisions Department


The Processing and Revisions Department holds the responsibility of overlooking SIGMA, making sure it is upheld to a high standard. By grammatically reviewing each new publication, establishing goals and expectations, and managing content areas, the department makes sure that the final result feels polished and refined before it gets finalized. 

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